Questions about HomeoAnimal

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Do you offer express shipping ?

Are the shipping delays guaranteed ?

What do I do if my tracking says my package is delivered, but I have received nothing ?

What happens to deliveries over the Holidays ?

What Do I Do If The Order I Receive Is Wrong or Damaged ?

How Do I Change My Order ?


Are the ingredients safe for my pet ?

Are there any other ways I can administer the products to my pet, other than those written on your product pages ?

Won’t spraying the homeopathic product in my pet’s water bowl dilute the product and reduce its effectiveness ?

Why are your homeopathic products in liquid spray form and not granules or drops ?

Can I give your products along with other medicines from my vet or home remedies?

When do I stop the use of homeopathic products ?

Are your products FDA approved ?

Do you sell your products in stores anywhere ?

Do your spray products contain alcohol ?

How can I make sure my pet doesn’t get any alcohol in him from the product ?

Am I supposed to take some time off before use the homeopathic products again, how long ?

Is it okay if my pet eats right after the morning or evening dose ?

Can I give your homeopathic products for prevention or long term?

I have many animals that drink in the same water bowl. If I give a homeopathic product to one of my animals in this bowl, can it be a problem for the others?

Homeopathy doesn’t work on my animal. I don’t understand.

Is homeopathy a placebo ?

Will giving the product more often help accelerate the results ?

How should I store the products I got from you?

Should I give all the products I got from you together or separately?

Why are some products given in the mouth instead of topically where the problem is?

Are there any side effects to Homeoanimal natural products?


"Recurring payment" mention appeared on my statement next to your company name ? Do you charge monthly fees ?

Why do you charge USD if you are a Canadian company ?

If you are a Canadian company, why do you charge Canadians GST and PST in USD ?

Are payments on Homeoanimal safe ? How can I be sure ?

Why am I getting a Payment Authorization failure message ?

What payment methods do you accept ?

What is the currency used on the site ?


I submitted a request for a refund, but haven’t received my RA number yet.


Why is it not recommended to use essential oils during a while using homeopathic products ?

What counts as an “essential oil” ?

What is organotherapy ?

Do you have a catalog you can send me?