How to treat diarrhea in animals?

How to treat diarrhea in animals?

Your pet has diarrhea?

Of course we know we'll have to face this problem eventually with our pet. But when it happens, what should do ? What should we give our pet to recover from this unavoidable problem ?

Here are 2 important questions to ask yourself :

  1. What are the possible causes ?
  2. What are the characteristics of this diarrhea?

Important: Diarrhea following a heavy meal, anxiety or a cold will usually stop within 24 hours.


2 important symptoms to consider :

  1. Is he suffering from fever?
  2. Is there blood in his stools?

If so, you need help. It's best to consult your vet.

Remember that when your pet is losing a large amount of water, which is the case during diarrhea, you need to act quickly to prevent dehydration.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, PROBIOPET is strongly recommended before, during and after diarrhea.


Why we strongly recommend ProbioPet?

Intestinal bacteria found in PROBIOPET play an important role in metabolism. In a healthy body, the digestive tract is colonized by approximately one hundred trillion bacteria of about 400 different species. An infection such as diarrhea can disrupt the stability of your pet's ecosystem. In addition, antibiotics virulently attack the intestinal balance.


Properties of lactic bacteria found in  PROBIOPET : 

  • Top speed intestinal proliferation.
  • Exceptional resistance in the presence of high concentration of bile salts.
  • Increases 6 to 8 times the immune activity.
  • Maintains and restores intestinal flora.
  • Changes favourably intestinal pH.
  • Prevents or inhibits fermentation and putrefaction in gastrointestinal infections.
  • Regulates and fights against diarrhea, enteritis, dysentery.
  • Regenerates dramatically intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment.


PROBIOPET offers 12 billion good bacteria per capsule to help your pet smile again. recommends the specially developed remedy for diarrhea: DIARRHEA. In addition, TonicPet # 9 is recommended and very important to avoid dehydration.

These three remedies allow you to act immediately and to help your pet recover as quickly as possible.




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