What can help if your pet is suffering from ...

What can help if your pet is suffering from ...

Homeopathy is a great natural way to treat your pet's disorders and diseases. But sometimes we just want to give our pet everything we can for him to recover as fast as possible. So you may ask yourself: What else can help my pet when he has one or more of these problems?

Possible problems:

  1. arthritis
  2. rheumatism
  3. decalcification
  4. calculi (stones of different types)
  5. sprain
  6. skin problems
  7. itching
  8. eczema
  9. scarring
  10. cut
  11. protection during chemotherapy



The SILI-MER G5 is a great way to help your pet recover from several problems. It is a fundamental and structural element in all tissues of the body. Researchers have found significant quantities in the skin, muscles, tendons, cartilage and bones. The more your pet grows older , the less we found in the tissues, hence the importance of replacing this loss by a daily intake in supplement form. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti degenerative. It participates in tissue regeneration. It acts on the arterial wall in the softener. Binds calcium on bone and dislodged when it accumulates in undesirable places.


What does SILI-MER G5 do ?

It increases urine flow while not exhausting the kidneys as do many even natural diuretics. It also contributes to eliminate edema and inflammation. It is favourable in retention of all types. SILI-MER G5 is the most effective therapeutic tool in physical pain.

Is it safe? 

It is very safe, cost-effective and has no contraindication. It can be used for animals and for humans also. It is now available at HOMEOANIMAL.COM.


This all-natural product will allow you to offer to your "loved ones" an exceptional nutritional supplement. Thus, their quality and length of life will be increased.




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