Viral Video: Happy Dogs...And A Cat, Have Fun At The Beach!

We all love happy dogs having fun! Dogs make us happy, smile and laugh! Watch this short viral video showing off a bunch of dogs having lots of fun to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”. This video will definitely put a smile on your face. This is just 12 dogs and 1 cat’s adventure at an australian beach living a dream.

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  • Don’t miss out what happens at 1 minute 57 seconds… There’s a cat who I think he thinks he’s a dog. You’ve never seen anything like that. Cat’s are usually afraid of water...but not this one.
    So who’s behind this adorable video ? Robert Dollwet. He’s a native animal trainer who decided to take out these dogs for their graduation and celebrate their success. The cat in the video is his own. His name is Didja. Isn’t he awesome ?



    Love this video, right ?

    This video just reminds me of how dogs just make us humans so happy. It’s actually proven that having a dog around our home has so many benefits on our lifestyle. Not only does it remind us to be happy and to take it easy, but studies actaully show that they bring down our stress levels, they will improve your social life, will make you feel safer and you will be more likely to stay far away from any feelings of depression.

    This aside, now I feel like I’m totally ready to head to the beach! Now, turn up the volume to this “Happy” song and share this happy, happy video with your friends!



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