How to stop your dog from eating poo (coprophagia)?

How to stop your dog from eating poo (coprophagia)?

The term "coprophagia" or "eating poo" is often used in everyday language to evoke an abnormal interest in feces and excrement. To prevent this behaviour disorder in dogs, it's important that they have the maximum amount of space in their enclosure in order to engage in more exercise.

So, why do dogs eat poop ?

With the exception of a behavioural problem , nutritional deficiencies may be responsible.

How to prevent coprophagia?

It will be most useful to give an excellent mineral fortifying to your dog so that he less instinctively tries to get his nutrients from poop


Don't worry, coprophagia is a common behavioral problem. It is found in carnivores who are  looking to maximize nutrient intake. However, such behavior can unfortunately promote gastric problems and especially the ingestion of intestinal parasites. It is important to act quickly to resolve this situation as it can ultimately result in serious poisoning.

To improve this behavioural problem, HomeoAnimal suggests a CUSTOM REMEDY in order to provide your pet the necessary minerals for your pet's good health, without forgetting PROBIOPET which will help rebalance the intestinal system of your dog.



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