How to remedy your pet's gingivitis?

How to remedy your pet's gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by bacterial plaque. It is a disease of the tissues surrounding the teeth. When your dog or cat has healthy gums, they have an "orange peel" look, are pale pink, and don't bleed on contact. When having gingivitis, the gums are red or swollen and smooth. They bleed easily either when brushing or even spontaneously. Sometimes we can observe periodontal pockets, in other words, a space formed between the upper gum and the level where it attaches to the bone.

In very special cases, we are faced with tissue destruction without pocket formation.

This type of gingivitis is characterized by a metal breath, a cycle of acute pain, bright red shiny gums, with automatic heavy bleeding when slight pressure is exerted on it. It becomes very important to take care of this problem quickly because bacteria at this level are very aggressive, they can destroy the bone and interdental papillae creating craters.

This last type of gingivitis is usually triggered by a very important stress or serious illness.

Causes of gingivitis in animals

The responsible factor for gingivitis is always plaque, consisting essentially of bacteria.

The bacteria being foreign bodies, constitute an attack and cause a defensive reaction on the part of the gingiva. This reaction results in a visible inflammation: blood flow to cause cells the immune defense.

Our remedy GINGIVITIS is excellent for these types of problems and help your pet get rid of the resulting pain.

For more particular cases of gingivitis or others, do not hesitate to contact us. We are continually working to have a "B plan" for you.




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