5+ Natural Products You ABSOLUTELY Need for Your New Pet

5+ Natural Products You ABSOLUTELY Need for Your New Pet

No matter how excited you are to get your new pet home, there are some things which can totally bring chaos to your otherwise idyllic idea of your first few days and weeks with your furbaby.

Most of us have this story (or a version of it!) about how things will be. How your new pet will be sitting calmly on your lap during the entire ride and looking forward to be ‘home’ with you where you and the pet will live happily ever after. Sounds familiar? Everyone hopes for that! The truth is, the beginnings of your relationship with your new best friend may not always start as smooth as you hoped it to be. Although no one expects to find their cute new family member destroying the seat belt or spewing out vomit all over the car, things like that do happen. Yes, even for the nicest furbabies out there!

What you have to remember is that a tantrum-throwing dog or a cat suffering from travel sickness is just as good as any other pet out there, it just so happens that they might be a little bit more special, just like you! We never said that bringing your new pet home will be a walk in the park, right? All we can do as responsible pet owners is to ensure that their transition to living with us is as easy as can be. That’s why we wrote this blog!

Where is this list from?

Through the years, clients and customers have asked us about what would be our top recommended natural products for their new pet. We’ve almost always refrained from giving a concrete answer in the past. Why? Because we simply feel that each pet is unique this means that recommending natural products for pets is not always easy or can be done generally. As we’ve recently written the Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption and we’re getting more frequent inquiries about the topic, we here at HomeoAnimal thought this would be the best time to share with all of you (straight from our stash) the top 5 natural products you absolutely need for your new pet.

We’ve based this list on the most frequent problems new pet parents who’ve availed of our homeopathic remedies told us. We’ll be talking about pet diarrhea, travel sickness, excessive shedding and mangy coat, behavioral problems, stress, anxiety, vomiting, low energy, aggressiveness, possessiveness, and a host of other things. Don’t you worry, all of these pet problems can be fully taken care of by using just 5 natural products for pets. Don’t believe us? Then read on below!


1 - Pet Travel Sickness and/or Vomiting Homeopathic Remedy

Pet travel sickness can truly put a damper on the budding relationship you have with your pet, especially when your cute furry friend turns into a vomit volcano and begin throwing up all over your car.

Let’s face it, no one wants to deal with having to clean up on a stressful day (such as when you’re bringing home your new pet) but these things do happen. Sometimes it can be a one-time deal, such as when the pet is so nervous and anxious that it worried and scared itself into getting sick. At times, it can also be because your new fur kid is simply sensitive to swaying motions and vehicle movements.

So what do you do about this?

Well, that’s where homeopathic remedies such as the one we have for pet travel sickness and for pet vomiting comes in. Because both of them works for various animals (such as cats, rabbit, horses, dogs, and even birds), you can definitely get them ahead of time and simply use them when or if needed. Another positive thing is that both homeopathic remedies do not only work for pet vomiting and pet motion sickness, they can also alleviate other symptoms of pet distress such as:

  • Uneasiness
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness and
  • Whining


The usage of each remedy differs from pet to pet but relief can usually be seen within a few hours. Isn’t that great? Both homeopathic remedies are all natural and works for both short term and long term sufferers of pet vomiting and pet travel sickness.

2 - Pet Shedding, Pulling Fur Out – Give Beautiful Coat!

Moving to a new place can be very stressful for us, so think just how much more stressful it can be for an animal! It is not unusual for us to get calls from new pet parents about their pets looking disheveled, shedding fur by the handful, or perhaps even pulling fur out. It’s why we’ve developed Beautiful Coat.

Beautiful coat is a homeopathic remedy which works well with furry animals such as dogs, rabbits, horses, and cats by preventing further hair loss plus promoting hair regrowth within 3 to 4 weeks. Keep in mind though that some animals have a longer hair regrowth period taking up to 6 weeks to see results.

Note: If hair loss is accompanied by itching and redness of the skin, you want to look into homeopathic remedies for pet allergy, seasonal allergies, or maybe assess if your pet have some food sensitivity.

3 - Pet Behavioral Problems Needing Custom Homeopathic Remedy

Stress can really change someone’s behavior so keep this in mind if your pet begins acting out or starts being difficult to deal with. A nice sweet animal which suddenly turns into an aggressive pet or becomes incontinent, starts bedwetting, or begins soiling itself (although it is house trained), means that the animal is in distress. These are truly signs that the animal needs your help. Believe us, it is more common than you think.

The above paragraph is the story behind our custom homeopathic remedy for pets and other animals. We recognize that pet behavioral problems can stem from a variety of reasons and because of that, a customized natural remedy may work best. Another reason is that traditional ‘medical’ therapies and tests may get too expensive in the long run, not to mention lots of vet visits will simply stress out your pet some more. Do you really want that?

We aim to help pet parents save on vet bills as well as prevent undue stress on an already distressed animal. We do not make any promises that the custom remedy would take the place of any future vet visits; rather, we believe in the philosophy of first going for the least amount of effort unless the condition is immediately life threatening. See what other happy pet parents has to say about how the custom remedy helped them!

4 - Pet Diarrhea and Constipation Homeopathic Remedy

Changes in the environment, food, or water can cause someone to experience diarrhea, and the same is true for animals! In fact, pet diarrhea is one of the things which a significant percentage of new parents see in their pets for the first few days or weeks once the animal moves in with them. Some pet owners report constipation as well – making it clear that moving to a new home or new owner is indeed very stressful for an animal psychologically, physically, or both.

You see, when a pet experiences diarrhea, the main possible reasons are oftentimes dietary changes, food sensitivity, microorganisms in the water, and/or stress. As for constipation, it is usually brought on by dietary changes, not drinking enough water, and/or stress. Of course there could be other causes for having gastrointestinal symptoms such as a chronic disease or parasite but those are not so common.

Oh, and please note that the homeopathic remedies for pet constipation and diarrhea may take a few hours to a few days to take effect. It is also effective for a wide variety of animals such as cats, horses, dogs, and rabbits. When in doubt or if the pet shows any sign of a more serious condition other than common constipation or diarrhea, a vet visit would still be wise.

5 - Make Your Pet Healthier With Probiopet

There is of course no need to wait for a ‘problem’ before starting your pet with natural products. Prevention is always better than cure, pet moms and dads!

We believe that a happy-well rounded animal is far healthier than one which sees the doctor frequently for checkups and yet doesn’t get any exercise, quality food, playtime, and love. However, is that all a pet needs?

Well, just like humans with our multi-vitamins and energy boosters, pets can also be given natural supplements. HomeoAnimal’s most recommended ‘supplement’ is our very own Probiopet, and not just because customers are raving about it!

Probiopet is more than just a supplement, it can actually be classified as a long term homeopathic remedy (especially for sickly animals). More so, because a bottle of probiopet can last for up to 3 months, you’ll only need about 4 bottles a year! That’s a super cheap way to ensure your fur kid is as healthy as can be.

How does probiopet work?

Probiopet contains probiotics, the good bacteria living in your pet’s guts (and yours!) which are needed for a healthy and balanced digestive tract. Oftentimes, probiotics help pets with environment and allergy brought skin problems. They also help with digestive issues, food intolerance, internal imbalances, and excess gas by removing toxins, fighting harmful bacteria, establishing and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora, regulating bowel movements, increasing immune response, hastening recovery from antibiotic treatment, and helping your pet obtain maximum immunity with its 8 strains of good bacteria. Isn’t all that fantastic?

We think that the best part about all of these natural homeopathic remedies for pets is that they are all equally as effective for a hamster as they are effective for something a lot larger, like a horse!

Care to try some of them? Feel free to send us a question or chat with us via the chatbox below!

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Cheers to a naturally healthy and happy pet!



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