10 Golden Retriever Facts You Need To Know

10 Golden Retriever Facts You Need To Know

We love dogs and want to know what makes them so unique. This week, we shine a spotlight on one of the most popular dog breeds: Golden Retrievers. Learn some interesting golden retriever facts!



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Created on Posted by Goldwynns Comment Link

Golden Retrievers are one of the most friendliest and fun loving dog breeds that have a very gentle and playful temperament. Log on to https://goldwynns.com to get more information and get your own English cream golden retriever.

Created on Posted by Chelsea Comment Link

Those are labrador retrievers not golden retrievers

Created on Posted by Carole Comment Link

Maybe it is the angle or something of the picture,but those pups sure look like Yellow Labrador Retrievers to me,the write up seems also to apply more to Labs.Interesting…

Created on Posted by Carole Comment Link

They still look like Labrador puppies to me..

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