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This is our optimal kit to promote mental, physical, and emotional health in animals.
  • Helps promote good mood and maintain emotional and behavioral balance
  • Supports physical and mental well-being.
  • Nourishes the nerve cells to help the nervous system regain equilibrium.

Optimal natural kit to help promote physical and mental health in pets

This is OUR MOST COMPLETE AND MOST HELPFUL kit to help support overall physical and mental health. Here's why:

What is the 'optimal natural  kit to help support physical and mental health'? 

  • This kit consists of our SERENEPET, VITALOPET and TONICPET #6 products.
  • The SERENEPET natural product is formulated to promote good mood and emotional and behavioral balances in animals. It contains potent ingredients that work together to maintain calm adrenal glands, promote positive feelings, and rebalance the organs linked to mood and behavioral disorders in Chinese medicine.
  • The VITALOPET natural product contains potent herbs that help modulate the hypothalamus and pituitary axis, which are responsible for regulating stress hormones. It also helps to nourish the glandular, thyroid, and adrenal glands.
  • The TONICPET #6  natural product is a powerful tonic for the nervous system that nourishes the nerve cells, which allows the nervous system to regain its equilibrium.

Who is this natural product suitable for?

  • Animals needing support for mental, physical and emotional health. 
  • This natural product can be used for all animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.).

How to administer the natural product?

Precautions for use: Shake well before use. Respect the dosage.

  • SERENEPET natural product: 1-2 sprays every morning according to need, in water or directly in the mouth. 30ml spray bottle.
  • VITALOPET natural product: 
    • Under 100 lbs: 1 capsule / morning. Break open and mix with food or water.
    • 100 lbs+: 2 capsules / morning. Break open and mix with food or water.
    • 60 capsules per bottle.
    • TONICPET #6 natural product: 
      • 0-25 lbs: 1 pellet, twice a day.
      • 25-50 lbs: 2 pellets, twice a day.
      • 50-75 lbs: 3 pellets, twice a day.
      • 75 lbs+: 4 pellets, twice a day.
      • Crush pellets and mix with food or water.
      • 20 g (approx. 200 pellets per bottle).


    Please follow the above dosages and instructions or as directed by one of our Health Advisors.


    • SERENEPET natural product: thalamus, amygdala, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, solar plexus, serotonin, vagus nerve, parasympathetic nerve, adrenal gland, liver, kidneys, stomach, heart, pancreas, lung, magnesium trace element
    • VITALOPET natural product: rhodiola, schizandra, ashwagandha, cordyceps, adrenal extract
    • TONICPET #6 natural product: kali phosphoricum


    Essential oils can negate the effect of homeopathic products.

    Keep the products cool.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Never been happier and healthier

    love all your products, my cats have never been happier and healthier

    Marilyn Podojak
    No more anxiety or sickness!!

    My Sammy and Kadie are doing just great now - no more anxiety or sickness!! I thank you so much for all of your help! You guys are so terrific!! Love you and my babies do too!!! 😊

    Dog is more zen

    My dog Meddle (Finnish Lapphund), that has been in treatment for 2 weeks, is much more calm, she barks less and is less dominant with my 2 other dogs. She really is more peaceful and more playful, to the great pleasure of the whole family (both 2 and 4-legged)!

    Thanks for the help.

    Cats are doing well. there fur is softer then ever. Vinny stopped spraying on everything so thats great thanks for your help. Vinny is the grey tabby and Brodie is the black and white and they are happier then ever now.

    Monique M.
    It works but it was not really accepted by my cat

    My cat absolutely does not want to take the superior tonic capsules.
    This tonic has an odor which he does not like at all and therefore refuses to take.
    On the other hand, he takes HarmonyPet and Tonic #6 without difficulty.
    He is doing better, I think, because his behavior has changed. He is less fearful and more confident.

    FREE SHIPPING on orders USD $80+
    Satisfaction Guaranteed


    $119.85 USD
    FREE SHIPPING on orders USD $80+
    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Sun Oct 24 02:04:01 2021 EDT