About Us - Welcome to the HomeoAnimal family

Do you love your pet like a member of your family?

Of course you do. That's why you're here!

And we're glad you found us! We are a group of animal lovers and pet advocates. So much so that each of us have dedicated our lives to improving the lives of our pets… and yours!

We're aware that “traditional” methods of medical intervention are sometimes necessary. But we also know that these methods are not the only option. And although there are a myriad of traditional “pet meds” sites on the web, good information on homeopathic remedies seems to be lacking. That's exactly why we started HomeoAnimal.

We wanted to give everyone access to high-quality natural remedies at affordable prices. And while we were at it, we decided to share some of what we've learned about natural-living for pets on our blog.

When you become a HomeoAnimal customer, we consider you as part of our extended family. So if you'd like, take a few moments to get to know us – the people behind the remedies.

From our family to yours!




We're introducing Suzie first because she is truly the heart and soul of our company.

Her personality embodies everything we strive for at HomeoAnimal. From the moment you meet her, you'll realize that she is kind, caring, warm and genuine. She loves animals as much as she loves people – and that's saying a lot!

Suzie's first project with HomeoAnimal was her own idea and creation: A guide to help anyone navigate through the animal adoption process.

Expect to hear from Suzie after your order is placed. She just loves meeting our new customers!





Imagine having a best friend who also happens to be an expert in pet naturopathy, homeopathy and Chinese medicine.

Someone who can whip up a custom treatment for whatever ails your specific pet.

Well, Denyse is that friend. Her passion for natural remedies is only exceeded by her love of animals. And when those two things come together to create a remedy, you can be sure it will be the best!

If you have a need for a custom remedy or have any questions, feel free to drop Denyse a line.



Customer Happiness

She has loved animals all her life and now being part of the Homeoanimal family’s ‘Customer Happiness’ team means being able to combine her love of animals and homeopathy all-in-one!

Homeopathy has been a great influence in her own life so she now has full confidence in it’s power to help pets as well.

She also spends a lot of time in underdeveloped countries doing volunteer work. Wherever she goes, animals have always brought her so much joy and satisfaction. Helping them to be happy and healthy is a joy beyond compare.

That's why, if you have any questions about your order or need help finding what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to Suzanne. She's happy to help!




Customer Happiness

Jennifer’s travels have brought her all over the world, but volunteering in a humanitarian capacity has always been the driving force behind her globetrotting.

Her journeys have shaped her life and personality and have made her more compassionate and aware of other people’s needs.

Having been acquainted with homeopathy at a very early age, Jennifer believes in its capacity to restore good health and stamina, and feels compelled to share with others how well homeopathy has helped her personally.

When she first heard about Homeoanimal, and how homeopathy was also helping pets, it was only natural for her to want to join the team! And join the team she did! Feel free to get in touch with her, she will always be happy to assist you!



Operations Manager

René is one of the founding members of Homeoanimal, and currently works as Operations Manager.

An animal lover from his youth, he has many lively stories to tell about various dogs, cats, fish and birds that have impacted his life in a positive way.

Always striving to better himself and to better his work surroundings, he is a pleasure to work with and is the glue that holds the Homeoanimal family together.

He is a strong advocate of the “Client Comes First” customer happiness policy here at Homeoanimal, and always makes sure that both clients and employees are in a 'win / win' relationship.

His kindness and consideration toward all make him an indispensable member our team!



Marketing & Co-Founder

Along with Suzie, Matt is a Co-Founder of HomeoAnimal.

And if Suzie is the heart, Matt is the pulse of the company. He is in charge of many of the “moving parts” that keep this business running, including the website and marketing.

He is more of a behind-the-scenes guy, but we all take comfort in knowing that he is there – keeping things running smoothly and helping to introduce us to new customers like you!




Happy and Healthy Dog

Westin is the beloved pet of Suzie and Matt, and he is also the inspiration behind our continued efforts to keep every animal happy and healthy. He is somewhat a new addition to our family (and yes, he comes to work with us), but he has stolen everyone's heart's from day one! If you'd like to learn more about Westin's natural lifestyle and puppy antics, subscribe to our blog.