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The optimal kit to soothe leptospirosis in animals and promote better overall organ health.
  • Helps eliminate leptospirosis in pets and soothe associated symptoms
  • Helps cleanse the kidneys and eliminate toxins
  • Promotes detoxification of the liver
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage as well as the drainage of cellular waste
  • Helps to avoid infections and strengthens the immune system

Optimal natural and homeopathic kit to soothe leptospirosis in animals

What is the 'optimal natural and homeopathic kit to soothe leptospirosis'?

  • This kit consists of the LEPTOPET, KIDNEY DRAINER, LIVER DRAINER, LYMPH 2 and SILVERPET products.
  • The LEPTOPET natural product helps eliminate leptospirosis in animals. It soothes common symptoms associated with this infection, plus helps nourish the organs it affects.
  • The KIDNEY DRAINER natural product helps cleanse the kidneys, and eliminate toxins, thereby helping to improve immune, kidney and urinary functions. This is essential because the organs of an infected animal can harbor lepto bacteria, and severe cases can even lead to kidney failure. 
  • The LIVER DRAINER natural product promotes the elimination of toxins present in the liver, thereby improving liver function and digestion. This is beneficial for infected pets, as lepto also affects the liver and can lead to eventual liver failure. 
  • The LYMPH 2 natural product promotes lymphatic drainage as well as drainage of cellular waste. It promotes the cleaning and filtering of blood and contributes to the natural production of antibodies to help the immune system. This ensures that the toxins eliminated from the liver and kidneys are flushed out of the body completely. 
    • Why use these three products together? For toxins to be effectively eliminated in the natural way, they must pass through the liver and kidneys and into the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system or the body's natural filters (liver and kidneys) are not well-cleaned and the passage of toxins cannot be done freely and easily through these, it decreases the chances of effective toxin elimination. By using the three products together, you give your pet the best chance of improving their overall health and eliminating the leptospirosis infection.
  • The SILVERPET natural product is a colloidal silver-based natural product, acts as a natural antibiotic and antioxidant. It helps to avoid infections and vastly strengthens the immune system. It attacks bad bacteria no matter where they are and helps to improve the overall condition of the animal.

Who is this natural product suitable for?

  • All animals that suffer from leptospirosis, in order to speed up results, avoid recurrences, and strengthen the immune system.
  • This natural product can be used safely for all animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.).

How to administer the natural product?

Precautions for use: Shake well before use. Respect the dosage.

  • LEPTOPET natural product: 1 spray every day, in water or directly in the mouth. **Stop when symptoms disappear. Not for prevention. 30 ml spray bottle.
    • Steps to follow:
      • First 3 days: KIDNEY DRAINER natural product (1 spray every day, in water or directly in the mouth, 30 ml spray bottle).
      • Day 4: Add the LIVER DRAINER natural product (1 spray every day, in water or directly in the mouth, 30 ml spray bottle) to the KIDNEY DRAINER natural product. Give at the same time, in the mouth or in the same bowl of water.
      • Day 7: Add the LYMPH 2 natural product (1 spray every day, in water or directly in the mouth, 30 ml spray bottle) to the KIDNEY DRAINER and LIVER DRAINER products. Give at the same time, in the mouth or in the same bowl of water.
      • 3 to 5 weeks after starting the kit, you can either stop or contact us for dosage evaluation if necessary.
  • SILVERPET natural product:
    • 2 to 3 sprays, morning and evening, in water or directly in the mouth.
    • Give for 7 days or as needed. Stop before this if the infection is gone within a week.
    • 50ml spray bottle.


Please follow the above dosages and instructions or as directed by one of our Health Advisors.


  • LEPTOPET natural product: Leptospirosis nosode
  • KIDNEY DRAINER natural product: Berberis vulgaris, Genista tinctoria, Juniperus communis, Petroselinum sativum, Rhamnus frangula, Thlaspi bursa-pastoris, Kidneys 5 CH.
  • LIVER DRAINER natural product: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Argentum metallicum, Equisetum arvense, Larix decidua, Lycopodium clavatum, Valeriana officinalis, Liver 5 CH, Gallbladder 5 CH.
  • LYMPH 2 natural product: Hamamelis, Apis, Natrum sulphite, Thuja, Arnica, Kali carb, Fucus, Ceanothus, Taraxacum, Lymph nodes 5 CH.
  • SILVERPET natural product: Colloidal silver


Not recommended for pets with cancer or young pets under the age of 2 years old.

Essential oils can negate the effect of homeopathic products.

Keep the products cool.

Please note that this natural product should only be given if your pet has been diagnosed.

What is leptospirosis in pets?

Leptospirosis (or lepto for short) is a bacterial infection transmitted through the urine of other infected animals, particularly rodents. Lepto is acquired when an animal’s mucous membranes (like those in the nose, mouth, or eyes) or an open wound comes into contact with contaminated materials or surfaces. This bacteria tends to thrive in hot regions that are wet or damp, and is also more prevalent in areas with large rodent or rat populations.

The infection can be treated with antibiotics, but if it progresses, it can lead to severe and permanent damage, including kidney or liver failure, meningitis, or even eventual death.

What are the symptoms of leptospirosis in pets?

  • Fever
  • Lack of appetite
  • GI upset, including diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Muscle pain or stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Infertility

What are the possible causes of leptospirosis in pets?

Leptospirosis bacteria can be spread through infected:

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Bedding 
  • Food
  • Garbage
  • Animal bites
  • Carcasses (if eaten by another animal)

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$204.75 USD
FREE SHIPPING on orders USD $80+
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wed Jul 28 04:16:33 2021 EDT