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Optimizes results (dog, cat, horse & pets).
  • Acts in cases of excessive dryness
  • Acts in cases of excess water in the body
  • Helps control anemia

What is the TONICPET #9 natural product?

This tonic promotes the proper hydration of the body. It is ideal in cases of excessive dryness and helps with adequate rehydration. It can therefore be quite complementary to health care for the following health problems:

  • Constipation
  • Dry eyes
  • Skin conditions (dry skin, chapped skin, dandruff)

It is also ideal for eliminating excess water in the body and can therefore be quite complementary to health care for the following health problems:


  • Diarrhoea
  • Coryza with secretions, runny nose
  • Excessive saliva
  • Edema
  • Skin conditions (inflamed skin, oozing eczema, acne)

Lastly, TONICPET #9 is also effective in case of anemia, worms, parasites and alopecia.

Who is this natural product suitable for?

  • All animals, in addition to any therapeutic care.
  • This natural product can be used safely for all animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, etc.).

How to administer the natural product?

  • 0-25 lbs: 1 pellet, twice per day.
  • 25-50 lbs: 2 pellets, twice per day.
  • 50-75 lbs: 3 pellets, twice per day.
  • 75 lbs+: 4 pellets, twice per day.
  • Crush pellets and mix with food or water.
  • 20 g (approx. 200 pellets per bottle).


Please follow the above dosages and instructions or as directed by one of our Health Advisors.


Natrum Muriaticum


Keep the products dry.

What are the TONICPET natural products?

  • TONICPET is a group of homeopathic products that enable quick and effective care of small health problems. They can be taken for the support of the health or in addition to a homeopathic care over the short or long term, and they are completely safe.
  • They dissolve almost instantly in the mouth or in water make them easy products to give to animals.
  • Unlike other homeopathic products, TONICPET products can be taken with both water and food without impacting their effectiveness.
  • The TONICPET products optimize health care results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great product, great website, great customer service and fast shipping

It helps with the dry eyes.
Both of my french bulldogs have a lot of allergies and dry skin issues, and we’ve noticed that this helps with that as well.

Nancy S
His cough has subsided

Ben had a mild cough and I put him back on the 4 (Tonicpets) and his cough has subsided. Both he and Gracie got high marks at their annual Vet visit on Monday😁😻😻

Michele Julien
work good as well

I am ver happy with the Detox plan. I has stopped you dog Jackie seizures. still over a month later . Still going good. also the Tonic #6 Anixiety worked wonderful she is enjoying the car ride again. #8 emonition balance ,#9 eye treatment work good as well.

Patricia D Keating
Doing well because of your treatments

Peewee my dog is still alive and doing well because of your treatments. The melanoma in his mouth seems to be breaking apart little by little. He’s comfortable and happy. Thanks Pat Keating

Dianne Ferris-Doekes
Great improvement in her health

Our Part Maine Coon, Katya has had a great improvement in her health since my purchasing your homeopathic treatments, lately. I have given her Tonic Pet #9 & Sili--Mer. Both have made a big difference on her and she's much more active as her joints are definitely improving.

FREE SHIPPING on orders USD $80+
Satisfaction Guaranteed


$29.95 USD
FREE SHIPPING on orders USD $80+
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wed Jul 28 04:37:57 2021 EDT